Our processes


<Project execution from your idea to product maintenance >


We release high-quality IT products for your business, ensuring transparency in our work, sticking to the planned milestones and staying within set budget. Make development predictable and understandable even if you have never dealt with IT.


<Guarantee mature approach to the development and predictable result at any stage>

Manage complex IT projects

Experience in implementing large projects - up to $10 million, 80 people in distributed teams, with a hybrid infrastructure, combining flexible development with industry standards. We know how and when to apply knowledge from PMBOK, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ITIL.

Create viable solutions

We plan the product interaction at all stages: from technical requirements to onboarding, to make the application user-friendly and all functions necessary.

Guarantee transparency of work

We pick up the appropriate type of contract for your project. Adapt the format of work to your requirements, welcome flexible development, consider all boundaries and assumptions, expected results, areas of responsibility.

Care about future

We choose a technology stack and make decisions based on roadmap and business vision, so that a prototype or early version of the product can be scaled and redone without major overhaul.

Track development process

EQ4Tech technical experts ensure transparency of the process for all participants. They interact with the client team throughout the project, being responsible for the quality of the final result.

Think business

We think about the release deadlines and business expectations, synchronize the product commercialization with the feature release plan. Timely commuicate changes to the development team.

Time & Material

  • The scope of work and outcome may change depending on the client's priorities
  • An engineering team is provided on hourly-based contract
  • The format of iterative development with regular demo sessions
  • Budget limitations and contract extension conditions are negotiated
  • Technical governance can be either from the client's side or EQ4Tech

Dedicated team

  • The scope of work and outcome may be fixed or may change based on client priorities
  • An engineering team is provided on a fixed-monthly cost
  • Development is done in an iterative format with regular demo sessions
  • Technical governance from EQ4Tech is included

Fixed price/scope

  • The scope of the project is limited by the requirements outlined in the technical specification
  • The development team is typically provided by EQ4Tech
  • The contract cost is fixed
  • Change requests are accumulated during the project and executed in a separate contract
  • Technical governance from EQ4Tech is included
  • The development approach is iterative with demo sessions
Value Delivery Cycle