Deliver IT solutions for business

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Deliver IT solutions for business

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Deliver IT solutions for business

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EQ4TECH - a team of tech experts

ex - executives, CTOs, architects with the unique experience of engeneering and consulting companies. We focus on technical due diligence projects and digitalization of companies.

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years we have been designing, developing and conducting technical audits of IT systems.

Our processes

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<We create a reliable connection between business strategy, product and technology>

We conduct technical due diligence and provide technology services

Technical due diligence
  • Product review, key differentiators, IP
  • Architecture, Integrations
  • Security and compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Engineering practices and processes
  • Agile approaches
  • Infrastructure, laC, CI/CD, DevSecOps
Technology services
  • Infrastructure audit, costs, cloud readiness
  • Product strategy
  • Cyber security
  • Team development
  • Data architecture

We design, develop and support IT products

Wide range of IT services for business
  • User experience design
  • Solutions based on cloud platforms Yandex.Cloud, Azure, AWS
  • Web-development based on .NET Core, MS SQL/SharePoint/Office 365, JAVA, Python
  • RPA, BI and analytical systems
  • Web- and mobile- applications; PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/React, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Infrastructure tasks
  • Deployment and migration to cloud or hybrid infrastructure, budget saving
  • Recommendations for ensuring availability and fault tolerance
  • Data migration
  • Information security services
Prototypes of business applications
  • Rapid development and deployment of key business functions and technical elements of the application
  • Checking constraints, assumptions, target architecture
  • Assessment of resources for development

<We have expertise in digitalization of processes in various areas>

Life sciences and Pharmaceuticals

(download brochure on LS & Pharma
  • A tool for pharmaceutical companies' laboratories that allows to calculate and predict ADMET properties of compounds, significantly reducing the time for finding new effective substances
  • Digital platform for planning and implementing marketing strategy for product commercialization (Digital marketing and commercialization)
  • Platforms for organizing communities of practice (CoPs)
  • Incident tracking and control system for production sites
  • Data analytics and BI based on Spotfire, MS PowerBI, Azure Insights
  • Technical due diligence of an online service - a medical company providing tech-savvy DMS

Technologies and tools used:
Veeva, ChemDraw, MS SharePoint/Office365/MS Teams, MS Power Apps, Power BI, NET, JS/React, Azure services, SignalR, JAVA, Angular, Apache Spark/Spark ML


  • Development of a platform for conducting online competitions and tests
  • Technical due diligence of an educational online platform for students, their parents, and teachers
  • Technical due diligence of Russia's largest platform for creating online schools, courses, and trainings


  • Development of a service management and customer request processing system for data centers
  • Creating a platform for storing, processing, and analyzing data from sensors and equipment in data centers


JAVA, Spring Boot, React, Apache Spark, Сassandra, Docker Swarm


Technical due diligence of one of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia - a provider of SaaS solutions and a leader in the Russian market for virtual PBX

Real estate 

Тechnical due diligence of a leading online realestate database in Russia


Development of an automation tool for planning and execution of consulting and audit projects


A tool for planning and tracking labor costs of the development teams across the entire company

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JavaScript/React developer

Experience 3-6 years
Salary 150 - 200 000 rubles
Remote work (including from Russia)

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<Answering questions>

In which countries is EQ4Tech present?

EQ4tech is legally present in Russia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. Physically, its employees work remotely worldwide.

How do you ensure an effective engineering / development processes?
  • applying appropriate technological and development management practices;
  • we standardise and share the practices within our engineering teams, so they can be followed;
  • gather feedback from clients and use it to learn and improve our process (e.g. of metrics: CSI - customer satisfaction index, NPS - net promoted score)

Our lead developers and architects ensure a high technological level of the solutions we develop. Our technical managers are responsible for the results, implementing best practices in development management, ensuring quality communication with clients, and transparency in the process.

What if we dont have requirements for a target solution which we are going to create?

It's not a problem at all. Our task is to help you formulate these requirements as the development progresses, through iterations of development/prototyping and your feedback.